POWCAC Purpose

Prince of Wales Community Advisory Council Bylaws

The purpose of the Prince of Wales Advisory Council is to promote resolution of issues concerning residents and communities of Prince of Wales Island. 

Each Community and Tribe on Prince of Wales Island holds a seat on POWCAC.  In addition to the communities and tribes, the Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce holds a seat on POWCAC.

The membership acts in an advisory capacity to promote the goals and objectives of the island.

Goals and Objectives

The general goals and objectives of this Council are to address and promote improvements in the following areas

  • Economic Development
  • Transportation (Road Improvements, Ferry Service, Air Transportation, etc.)
  • Harbor Facilities
  • Refuse Collection and Disposal of Solid Wastes
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Post Office/ Mail Service
  • Island Resource Management
  • Public Safety
  • Education
  • Borough formation - To act as a clearinghouse for factual information regarding borough formation


Each of the following entities holds a seat on POWCAC:

  • Coffman Cove, City of
  • Craig, City of
  • Craig Tribal Association
  • Hollis
  • Hydaburg
  • Hydaburg Cooperative Association
  • Kasaan
  • Organized Village of Kasaan
  • Klawock
  • Klawock Cooperative Association
  • Naukati
  • Point Baker
  • Port Protection
  • Thorne Bay
  • Whale Pass
  • Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce